Monday, September 18, 2017

Vinyl Snowflake Ornaments

Here's a few Christmas ornaments that I made and sold at my last craft fair. The ornaments above are embellished with vinyl and are filled with mini pinecones that I bought from The pinecones fit right through the top opening of these large, round, plastic ornaments. The snowflakes are cricut images from When It's Cold Outside cut on vinyl. Cutting them was easy, yet transferring them onto the rounded surface was quite challenging. I smoothed the center of the images from transfer tape, working my way to the points of each "branch" of the snowflake. 

For the blue snowflake ornaments, I used a beautiful metallic vinyl on plastic "flat" shaped ornaments, which I found at too. The snow is "flakes" that you can find at any craft store during the Holiday season -- glad that I had them in my craft stash since it is only September. I used the Joy snowflake image from Holidays Through the Year Iron-On cartridge and added different sized adhesive rhinestones from Stampin' Up! to the snowflake centers. I also made beach-themed ornaments with sand and shells and coffee filled ornaments with cute sayings for Christmas gifts. I will share you photos in another post.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

September Craft Fair

Here are some (lol all) of my photo from my September Craft Fair. Will be posting how-tos, but in the meantime, here is my display:

I changed the price on mini memo pads to $2 and they sold.