Saturday, September 14, 2013

Making the Most of my Favorite View

Well, I tried Prima's September BAP for fun:

I was pretty intimidated by the sketch and unsure which photo to use...until I came across one of our vacation pictures -- a window-framed view of the Long Island sound...

And this is my minimalist, bare bones take on it...I used a paper hexagon overlay as a misting template. I practiced on a few sheets of white cardstock to try to get the feel of the sketch. I finally got to use my Heidi Swap "Make Pretty Stuff" spray arrow stencil...Was surprise to see the same arrow in the Prima sketch, I just don't like the way that my arrow bled (I did use a paintbrush so that was my mistake #1). I also cricut-cut the title from my practice stencil sprays, using the Stamped font cart.

I figured out how to do the light, incomplete journaling lines that reflected the Prima sketch, and I was pretty happy that my Tim Holtz distressed ink did the trick. I applied ink to only a part of my round full bleed stamp.

Even though I feel that I went a little crazy with the flowers (mostly Prima), I still didn't use enough to say that I used 90% of Prima on my LO (in order to submit for a Prima prize). There are some "mistakes" in it, and I am trying hard to overlook them. Scrapbooking isn't for perfectionists, right?

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