Monday, January 6, 2014

Scrap Your Hobbies Challenge from BBTB2

Brenda from BBTB2 challenged us to "Scrap Your Hobbies" this week, a timely challenge because January is National Hobby month. It's an open challenge to use your cricut to celebrate what you love to do -- from papercrafts to gardening, or whatever makes you happy and allows you to relax and enjoy. 

I don't go anywhere without a camera because when I do -- I miss something great. Like the time my youngest son and I went outside for some fresh spring air, and a yellow plane began doing air tricks above us. I ran in the house to get the older son outside to see, and then remembered the camera -- too late, the yellow plane became a dot in the sky. Another time, my oldest and I went exploring through a nearby meadow, and a great big hot air balloon was floating by. No camera. 

Since learning my lesson, I always carry a small inexpensive point and shoot...And after a hike during a summer vacation (notice a pattern here? Don't stay inside), my friend and our boys saw a breathtaking sunset on the LI Island Sound. I damaged my photo lens getting these pics (so worth it) and didn't even look through the lens while taking these pics. Since then, I began using my phone camera, so that forces me to remember my phone and keep it charged.

Cricut carts used: 
  • Home Accents: "inspire" 
  • When I was a Kid: "photo strips"
  • Pack Your Bags: "woman" 
  • Going Places: camera shadow as journal box


  1. What beautiful photos ,and a lovely layout !!! Fantastic hobby !!!


  2. Great LO and photos Laura. I'm a bit like you but thank goodness for phone cameras!

  3. Laura, I LOVE this layout! Those pics are amazing! I wish I had the ability to take photos, I'm no good at it! Such a fun hobby though! Have a great week!

    Emily - Mollie's Motif

  4. Oh Laura,I am in love with this layout!!! I agree, keep a camera with you at all times! lol I either have my camera in my purse or my phone is with me. I hate missing out on a photo. I think it was so worth it too, your pictures are stunning! I will be lifting this layout because I have sunset pics that I want to get on paper too. This is just stunning! Hugs!

  5. Your pics are absolutely beautiful and your layout is so pretty! Love the little lady with the camera!

  6. You inspire me! Love this layout! It is positively stunning!

  7. Gorgeous pictures and your layout and color palette really compliments them beautifully!

  8. Oh my!! Your photos are beautiful Laura!!! Fabulous layout!! :)

  9. this is my favorite layout of the week. wonderful pics and the use of pink just sets them off so nicely. wow!!!



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