Monday, August 11, 2014

"Getting to Know" Little ol' Me Blog Hop

Here is a different kind of blog hop. It's called "Getting To Know Me," and I hope that you will find this fun!

Sweet, sweet Emily of tagged me, and of course I said that I would play!

Here are the links to three other blogging friends -- and their posts will be live next Monday:

So I am working on cards for an upcoming craft fair. I get into the zone, turn on my cricut, and get out my quick dry glue. I have switched to quick dry -- was using my ATG glue gun, but the glue seems to leave a funky smell when combined with plastic resealable baggies. I don;t know if this smell bothers anyone else. I am the type of person who can walk into a room and know who is wearing which cologne or perfume. This ability doesn't benefit me when I already have a headache though. Here's some number Birthday cards that I just finished and wrapped up:

Emily asked me, “How does your work differ from others of its genre?” And that is a tough question! I have my own style of card making and scrapbooking, which is clean and simple, but then I get crazy ideas and experiment. I like to push myself out of the comfortable zone and even though I feel vulnerable (and usually I hate what I end up making), I get sincere positive responses to it. And that always surprises me.

I create because it relaxes me, and I also create things for others -- I enjoy seeing their responses to it. Taking the time and effort to create something for someone else just makes me happy.

My creative process begins with a clean craft desk. I have crafted upon a heap of unfinished projects and supplies -- and the landslides that ensues and the search for "it was right there - where is it" aggravates me too much. This photo shows an easy clean-up. I make messes much worse, and seeing it makes me walk out of the room and wish that my craft space had a door that I could close. This one though -- is doable.

So I clean the desk, reorganize supplies and lately begin with a Design Team blog challenge -- that is a great kick-start for me. Otherwise I need deadlines, like a craft show.

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