Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa's Reindeer and Holiday Treats for the Kids and Something for the Adults

Heres a few Santa's reindeer and holiday treats for the kids-- as simple as they were, they were my biggest sellers in all of the vending events that I participated in. 

The Magic Reindeer Food tubes received lots of "ohh, how cute" -- and many people shared their sweet memories with sprinkling it down on the snow on Christmas Eve - and wanted to continue the tradition, even with their grandchildren. The deer die cut is really a moose, but with the goggle eyes, looks more like a deer, don't you agree? Next year, they get red noses!

The M& Ms treats, in hindsight, should have matched the M&Ms better -- but they were still a hit for stocking stuffers. Not much else to say except that filling the 1x8 cello bags was very time consuming. So much so, since Stamping' Up! is not longer carrying these bags, I will not make them again. I will make equally cute stocking stuffers for next year...Just have to figure out what.

Stamped image copyright Stamping' Up!

Now this one is for the adults. Here's a few Dove chocolates packaged in 2x8 cello bags -- caramel, milk and dark chocolate. Not a big seller at the Holiday fairs, but those who love Dove, bought them. 

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