Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sample Mini Book

I am working on a craft workshop proposal for my local Parks and Rec, and my suggested theme is Halloween. The program director suggested a make-and-take in one night to showcase fun Halloween pictures. So I opened up my new Cricut Mini Books cartridge and began working on a sample book.

Here is the fun part, bare bones, not embellished. (The final, which I am tweaking is above.)

I plan to make my own embellishments using Teresa Collins's Halloween cart. I love her modern, clean cut designs! Check out the cart at

Now it is time for Part 2, pricing! Since my Halloween paper pack that used above is depleted, I need to price out new patterned paper designs, and this is a challenge -- I am creative not mathematical! My efforts up to this point seem to be futile. If I order what I want, I blow my budget completely, and still have to cover baby sitter costs!

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